Gift Certificate



Have you already ordered and are waiting for your parcel? While you wait, you can instantly create a gift certificate from your order and gift it today.

Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate

What is a Gift Certificate?

A gift certificate is an indicator of an upcoming gift. By generating a gift certificate after placing your order, you can let your loved one know that a particular piece of jewellery is being produced for them. It is instant and you can either send the certificate via email or download and print it as you wish.

How To Create
A Gift Certificate?

Customize A Product And Place Your Order


Customize A Product And Place Your Order:

Start by finding the perfect design for your loved one and customise it as you wish. Once your customisation is complete, add it to your shopping bag and proceed to checkout.


Check Your Email For The Gift Certificate Link

Check Your Email For The Gift Certificate Link:

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation email including a link to generate a gift certificate for that particular product. Click the “Create Gift Certificate” link.

Create Your Gift Certificate


Create Your Gift Certificate:

Select the gift certificate design and add a personal note on it.


Present Your Gift

Present Your Gift:

Now you are ready to present your gift even before you receive your parcel. You can either send your gift certificate via email or download it in PDF format and print it.